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DVD'S of Movies
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1. Arizona Cowboy
2. Hills of Oklahoma
3. Redwood Forest Trail
4. Under Mexacalli Stars
5. Silver City Bonanza
6. Thunder in God's Country
7. Rodeo King and the Senorita

8. Utah Wagon Train
9. Colorado Sundown
10. The Last Musketeer
11. Border Saddlemates
12. Old Oklahoma Plains
13. South Pacific Trail

14. Old Overland Trail
15. Iron Mountain Trail
16. Down Laredo Way
17. Shadows of Tombstone
18. Red River Shore
19. Phantom Stallion

Arizona Cowboy

1950: An ex-G.I. who can sing a song as will as bust a bronco with the best of them . . . two reasons why he’s a big attraction in Colonel Shawnee Jefferson’s Rodeo show in Arizona. Rex also gets to pose as an itinerant cowpoke named Arizona Jones in this picture. The bad guys try to frame Rex and accuse him of being involved in a robbery, but Republic’s newest Western sensation brings the crooks to justice.

Hills of Oklahoma

1950: In this film Rex defeats the attempts of the packinghouse owner to ruin a group of honest ranchers by forcing them to sell their cattle at ruinous prices. Rex plays the newly –elected head of the local cattleman’s Association, and there’s plenty of fast action before the film is brought to a thrilling climax.

Redwood Forest Trail

1950: The underprivileged boys of New Horizon, a ranch to rehabilitate delinquents, are accused of being involved in a murder high in sugar-pine country, and Rex, as an official of the American Forestry League, has to prove their innocence.

Under Mexicali Stars

1950: In this exciting film, Rex plays a U.S. undercover Treasury Agent who is sent to the small border town of El Norte to uncover a counterfeiting ring. He discovers they’re using helicopters to smuggle gold, but that doesn’t stop the Arizona Cowboy and his Wonder Horse KoKo from putting the bad guys behind bars.

Silver City Bonanza

1951: The Arizona Cowboy is following a dead man’s trail in this western as he uncovers the lost Spanish Silver Lode. His best friend Pete is a blind cowboy who has been knifed to death by an unknown assailant while riding the range with his Seeing Eye dog. It’s an unusual but effective plot, and some of the thrilling sequences take place under water where Rex battles with the heavies.

Thunder in God's Country

1951: This rough and tumble high adventure takes place not in the Old West, but in the modern day West. Rex plays the role of a western artist for an outdoor magazine and comes to rescue two of his former Air Force buddies. Rex, joined by sidekick Buddy Epsen and Harry Lauter tried to clean up a desert community of a gang of outlaws who threaten to turn a peaceful town into a gambling resort.

Rodeo King and the Senorita

1951: Rodeo star Rex Allen plays himself in this one. Rex and his trick horse KoKo now billed by Republic Pictures as The Miracle Horse of the Movies, have sighed as the top attraction of the Foster and Morales Wild West Show. Rex is replacing the retired partner of this rodeo, who was killed while doing his sensational Roman-jumping act. Rex and sidekick Buddy Epsen discover the death is no accident and set out to solve the murder.

Utah Wagon Train

1951: Rex receives a frantic phone call for help from his uncle in Sonora, Utah. He believes his life is in danger now that he has agreed to be trail boss for a modern-day cross-country wagon trek. Along the way, Rex learns of a half million dollars worth of buried gold hidden in a cave by the original party 100 years ago. Of course, the wagon train gets through, but it’s an up-hill battle along the way.

Colorado Sundown

1952: As the movie opens, Rex, a young Texas rancher, rides into Pine Valley, Colorado with his pal Slim Pickens. They’re trying to make sure that Slim gets a fair deal on a ranch he’s suppose to inherit from an old family friend. The plot thickens when 60,000 acres of fine timberland are going to be cut down, land that includes Slim’s newly inherited ranch. In the end the timberland is saved, but not until there are several killings and narrow escapes for all.

The Last Musketeer

1952: It’s a cattle war. Rex takes a stand against a ruthless range baron and his army of paid killers. Rex rides into the little town of Taskerville on a cattle-buying mission. Rex soon plays the role of a daring fighter fro the rancher’s water rights. He joins his buddies in helping to rid the ranching community of a notorious tyrant who is intent on monopolizing the dwindling water supply.

Border Saddlemates

1952: This saga is against a ruthless bunch of border bandits.  Rex, a young U.S. Government veterinarian, replaces the regular vet in Pine Rock, a picturesque Montana town near the Canadian.  While there he comes across a gang that are using a silver fox farm industry to smuggle counterfeit money between Canada and the U.S. eventually the good guys win and the gang is sent to prison.

Old Oklahoma Plains

1952: In 1926 the U.S. Army is testing the new tank but faces opposition from the ranchers, who have used the open range for 50 years. Ex-Calvary officer Rex Allen, who understands ranching, is called back to the Army to help clear the range by persuading the rancher to cooperate.  Rex, Slim and his friends are finally able to clear up the expected problems, and the Army tests are continued with great success.

South Pacific Trail

1952: From the opening scene when Rex, Slim and the Allen ranch hands lose their jobs through the trickery of the foreman the picture roars to an exciting climax. The foreman plans a gigantic train wreck, which is supposed to accomplish two things as the train carries his boss and millions in gold. His boss escapes the crash and joins Rex and his friends. From there on Rex has one problem after another, including a dangerous flood.

Old Overland Trail

1953: Rex, who’s working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, is sent west to stop the Apache Indians from leaving the reservation and attacking the homesteaders. As the story unfolds, Rex and Slim are captured by Chief Black Hawk’s band of Apaches. Rex and Slim eventually escape, round up the remaining homesteaders and defeat the bad guys and the Indians.

Iron Mountain Trail

1953: Post Office Inspector Rex Allen is sent to California in 1850 to speed up the mail service to the gold fields. There’s an old conflict between two cantankerous stage line owners. Attempted sabotage of the stage line horses, killings, bandits on the Iron Mountain Trail, and trumped-up murder charges are all part of the exciting plot with the overland ride by Rex proving to be the forerunner of the famous Pony Express.

Down Loredo Way

1953: Rex Allen starts a one-man outlaw clean up under the big top in this movie. A western rodeo circus provides the backdrop and a diamond smuggling plot creates the suspense. Of course, Rex is the star attraction of the rodeo/circus. The smuggled diamonds are hidden inside the 8-year old’s doll, and the plot keeps getting thicker until the diamonds are finally recovered, and Rex can get on with the show.

Shadows of Tombstone

1953: This well written and directed story has to do with murders and crooked gambling in an atmosphere so charged with evil that even the town paper, The Clarion, is intimidated. This is thrill-a-minute screen fare as Rex gets rid of the crooked sheriff and his murderous gang of henchmen. Rex even throws his hat into the political ring for the office of sheriff. Rex wins and appoints Slim as his deputy.

Red River Shore

1953: As the town marshal of Paxton, in Oklahoma Territory, Rex Allen kills a respected rancher in self-defense during a gunfight. When a bogus oil discovery is reported on the ranch, Rex immediately suspects trouble, and trouble is what he gets himself into. In the end, Rex cleans up the Barlow oil drilling operation and moves on to another law enforcement job.

Phantom Stallion

1954: This story deals with a vicious plot by a man and woman to murder an aging owner of a vast California ranch so that the woman will inherit the property. Rex, a wagon guide, and his former Calvary pal, Slim Pickens, arrive at the rancho just in time for Rex to become involved in the trouble that follows and see that justice prevails.

Frontier Doctor Series: Volumes 1- 7 available individually
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Volume 1
Gringo Pete
Mystery of the Black Stallion
San Francisco Story

Volume 2
Danger Valley
The Outlaw Legion
Queen of the Cimarron
Twisted Road

Volume 3
Law of the Badlands
Storm over King City
Strange Cargo
The Confidence Gang

Volume 4
Flaming Gold
Illegal Entry
The Big Frame Up
The Big Gamblers

Volume 5
Elkton Lake Feud
Shadows of Belle Star
Superstition Mountain
Trouble in Paradise Valley

Volume 6
Broken Barriers
Double Boomerang
The Woman who Dared

Volume 7
Three Wanted Men
The Great Stagecoach Robbery
Shotgun Hattie
Man to Man

Volume 8
Apache Uprising
Crooked Circle
Fury of the Big Top
The Desperate Game